Leftover Brothy Egg fried rice

My Son, like his sister has a sinister love for Chinese egg fried rice again laden with MSG ( I know this because the girl that works for me used the work for said favourite Chinese restaurant) even the fried bloody rice has MSG…who would’ve thought.

So I make him lovingly my version and it’s a thousand times better.

We start with the night before leftover Love & Bones Broth cooked rice spiked with a tiny little bit of almost transparent shallot (frank doesn’t like onion in her rice, we love it…she’ll never know…she didn’t guess) + raw garlic which she just needs to shut up and deal with…with call these non negotiables.

She’s my easiest child but fussiest eater. Anyway back to our leftover rice.

Let’s give you your ingredients:

2 eggs whisked

butter and fat from broth if you have on hand

splash of soy

small knob grated ginger

spring onion and chives from wilco’s garden

Ok here goes the making or assembly…

a little butter in my safe non stick pan, pour whisked egg into it and swirl it to make it flat like a crepe, once coming away from edges flip. Leave to cool on a plate while you warm up the rice in the same non stick (safe) pan)

add more butter…I love butter + some more fat and then your rice. Toast it slightly then stick a lid on for 5 mins so the heat penetrates it.

While you are waiting chop up the egg and slice the spring onions and chives

Then removed the lid off the rice add the ginger, your splash of soy (as seasoning) and egg, shallots etc..

serve it up to very hungry 10 year old and then watch him take 3 hours to eat it! Bain of my life but I love him more than life itself.

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