About The Broth Lady and how Love and Bones Began


Love & Bones Broth was started by Sydney-based organic foodie, Michelle Schoeps. For the 5 years prior to launching Love & Bones Michelle ran her popular food blog, Michelle Schoeps Organic, creating delicious tasting, organic whole food recipes made from the very best local, organic produce..establishing something of a cult following.

Love & Bones Broth started from grass roots beginnings as Michelle has always cooked pots of bone broth for her family and friends and was nurtured by it from any early age herself. With a gentle nudge from her children father who had noticed that there were no good quality, organic bone broths on the market, she started making it and selling it to friends and friends of friends, and also supplying it to her children's primary school tuck shop (canteen).

The word soon spread and orders started pouring in.

The rest is Love & Bones Broth history…

Says Michelle, “Some would say I'm bordering on obsessed, possibly bossy when it comes to my food choices and feeding my family - I call it committed! Committed to leading a healthier, happier life and helping my kids make good food choices now and in the future. I want my kids to eat as much unprocessed food as humanly possible, and Love & Bones Broth is one of the most nutritionally dense, nourishing and nurturing things I can feed them. It helps that they absolutely love it.”