Don't knock em till you've tried them!


As the weather warms up so does the need for Broth Icypoles, and lets be real I invented the first ever Broth Icypole and so I'm naming myself the master of flavours! The impersonators can try their best but they'll never be as good as The Broth Lady's.



Now this doesn't mean you have to necessarily buy them from me, you can just as easily make them yourself with our magic smoothie broth.

One packet of Smoothie Broth can make you many different varieties of Broth Icypoles.

Not only a delicious treat but one you can have many times a day, even for breakfast!


 Initially I wanted to use up some rocket I had in the fridge because my kids are fans of this leafy slightly peppery green that was not going to be a problem but I forgot. Which is standard for me...all these ideas, then distraction and I'm on another path.

So this is how we ended up...and I believe it could be one of the best and maybe might make an appearance at my son's school Friday afternoon Icypoles, this coming term 4 at Glenmore Rd Public School.


Pineapple, Ruby Grapefruit and Blueberry Broth Icypoles


a small ripe pineapple - I used half of it cut up into small pieces - cored, skinned etc..

1 ruby grapefruit - skinned, pithed and segmented

1 cup of coconut water

2-3 Smoothie Broth cubes

1/2 cup of blueberries - cut up into small pieces



you'll need a blender of some description - we have a nutri bullet which I love

into that goes the pineapple, grapefruit, coconut water and smoothie broth cubes


now into your chosen moulds put your cut up blueberries - 2-3 per mould

pour brothy fruity mixture over these - poke them a little so the mixture goes to the bottom

add sticks and into the freezer



I pretty much use any fruit at it's peak, that's cheap because I choose to use only organic unsprayed in season fruit. Mix it up have fun - that's what Love and Bones Is all about - not following rules.



©Michelle Schoeps 2021

©Love and Bones Broth 2021



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