“The first day we stocked Love and Bones Broth we sold out. The product speaks for itself . As soon as customers heard we had it they were flocking in the doors and it hasn’t stopped.
It has to be the most delicious broth around, we like to describe it as the liquid gold of broths and we LOVE that Michelle sells it in glass jars. You can tell that Michelle has chosen the best seasonal produce and bones available to get the flavour that develops with her broths.
We love dealing with the Love and Bones Broth crew, they are on to it and always happy to make sure our order is fulfilled and delivered on time if not earlier! Where do I stop!”
— Bronwyn Ballenden, Wholefoods House

Best Broth on the market without a doubt. Michelle pulls from the wisdom of her Hungarian Grandmother, and blends it with her own style and signature to create the tastiest most authentic broth you can buy. Love it. Thanks Michelle.
— Fenella Raines

Love & Bones Broth is hands down the best Broth you will find in Australia, it is made with Love in small batches & from the freshest local organic ingredients which you can taste in every sip or when added to meals. Michelle is the Broth queen. I wouldn’t mess around buying Broth anywhere else EVER. She makes it so good so I don’t have to (haha) Being able to have this liquid gold on hand to add to my family’s meals means everyone is always being nourished 150%, no one ever gets sick. Love & Bones Broth is my medicine cabinet.
— Anna Feller

At The Health Emporium we just love stocking Love and Bones Broth as their broths, soups and icy-poles are so very delicious, nutrient-dense and made with only the best quality ingredients. Their products are beautifully presented, Michelle and her staff are a delight to deal with, and they are a small family-owned and focused company, just like we are. Our customers are constantly telling us how much they appreciate and love the Love and Bones Broth products, particularly the delicacy of flavours and the abundance of health benefits they bring to themselves and their families.
— Jen, The Health Emporium

Food is one of my love languages, and Love and Bones Broth allows me, as a working mum of four, to provide nourishing meals (and treats!) for my family. The kids will often remind me to re-stock if they are feeling flat, have exams looming, or a sporting tournament approaching. Our beloved dog will also remind me when he follows me to the freezer each and every time I visit just in case he might get a Pet broth treat! Thank you, thank you x
— Anne-Marie Winchester

In a busy week, the bone broth is the one delivery that makes everything seem doable. I love how MSO tastes - so very different to others I have trailed and my guess is that it’s all the love she puts into making it is what I can taste.
— Megan Morton

Love and Bones Broth is by far the most superior broth on the market. The flavour and love that has gone in to all the broths (soups and icy poles) really makes Michelle’s product stand out. Our favourite is the tomato soup, corn chowder, chicken noodle soup and the original broth. Hands down the yummiest.
— Janelle Lloyd

The only problem with Michelle’s Love and Bones broth is that it disappears far too quickly in our house! My first litre purchased was rationed out over a period of days, slowly sipped, and absorbed in rice, with not a grain going to waste. next we bought 2 litres, and they went a little quicker, then 5, which vanished in as many days! This is absolutely the most delicious broth, and as someone with little time to spend in the kitchen these days, i appreciate it so much that Michelle can make this incredible miracle broth using the best organic ingredients, lovingly prepared for days, for all of us to enjoy!
— Liz Ham

Love & Bones Broth has to be one of the most delicious bone broths on the market - I’ve tasted quite a few and none of them compare to Michelle’s delicious broths! You can tell Michelle makes it fresh and uses only the best produce as her broths are always full of flavour. When I started my son on solids I would give him Michelle’s bone broth to also drink as I knew it had all the nutrients and vitamins a baby (now toddler!) needs to grow strong and healthy - he absolutely loved it and still does!
— Barbara Stewart

I was a vegetarian for 6 years. I still predominantly eat only vegetables, except over the last two weeksI have incorporated one meat product into my diet.... Michelle Schoeps’ ‘Love and Bones Broth’. I honestly feel better with every cup I have. It’s nurturing, warm and feels ethically unchallenging for me. She is literally only saving good bones from going into landfill.
— Joshua Heath
"A huge thank you to the wonderful Love and Bones Broth team for supporting my sporting children in their recent endeavours at the State Surf Lifesaving championships. Three full days of competition fuelled by Love and Bones Broth based meals and broth ice blocks resulted in five gold medals, one silver and one bronze. The kids train hard for these results, but honestly could not keep going, nor stay consistently well, without the wonderful nutrition your products provide them. Thank you from the bottom of this mama’s heart x"
— Anne-Marie Winchester, Cardy and Company Pty Ltd