The Broth Lady's Minestrone

There hasn't been a lot of time since we returned to the kitchen to be creating fanciful meals but I can say while I was away in Melbourne I did get quite a bit of my book written.

Anyway we are in full swing refilling our freezers and our retailers of products in store but we are also busy trying to work through bringing you a few new products which we hope to be able to share with you in the coming months.

So it's easy recipes for the first few weeks back, while I get my home freezer re-stocked too. The other day I was lucky enough to do a class, with a customer on her birthday. When I was putting together the class and trying to cram as much as possible into the 3 hours we had, I could not leave this one out! Not really sure how it came about but it was another throw it all together staff lunch, fingers crossed it's delicious kind of soup.

It was delicious, and so I share it with you like I shared it with them. Easy peasy japanesey.

It's kind of my take on a minestrone, but not.

My very diligent students wrote this recipe down as we made it so really they know the exact's what I remember:

The Broth Lady's Minestrone

Remembering I don't measure, it's all a guesstimate

a knob of butter

the white part of a small leek finely chopped

a small stalk of celery very finely diced

one carrot grated on the fine side of the grater

a large clove of garlic also grated on the same side

a spoonful of my favourite chilli (omit this if you're feeding the kids and they can't handle the heat)

a small handful per person of tiny pasta

1 cup of my red sauce or tomato passata

1L Original Broth

optional extras:

the osso bucco from the broth

a teaspoon of butter

a handful of chopped parsley


lightly fry leek and celery

followed by the carrot and garlic

cook until all are fragrant

add pasta and cook a little - 5 mins or so

add chilli and the tomato of choice

then add broth

bring to the boil 

then turn heat to simmer and pop the lid on until the pasta is "al dente"

If you happen to have the osso bucco or even chicken would be good - add with the tomato

serve with grated parmesan, a knob of butter and a sprinkling of parsley

this soup also freezes well - it can be quite thick or more soupy your choice. Less pasta more soupy. I like it both ways.

Enjoy x


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