Hungarian Cabbage 2 Ways

I was born into very frugal beginnings, my family grew up in times when food was scarce and they used whatever was available to them. These days we call this ‘Peasant food’ and in my opinion it’s the best food.

My favourite meals are always the ones that my father or my great Aunt are famous for, these are meals that cost very little but pack so much flavour and are ultimately very good for you.

My Aunt’s cabbage pasta is one.

Shop it;

1 whole cabbage

finely ground pepper

500ml Love and Bones Original Broth



optional extras but must haves in my opinion are;

stinky mountain cheese

pasta or potatoes

Cook it;

Finely chop or shred, your cabbage leaving the very hard core/stem (for the compost)

sauté the cabbage in the butter in a large enamel pan or safe non stick pan on medium heat until it is golden

This will take patience and a little time but is well worth it

add a decent pinch of pepper (maybe half teaspoon at least 2 decent pinches) stir and scrapping the cabbage from the bottom of the pot as you go - it should be very peppery but maybe just once it’s cooked.

When it starts to stick to the bottom add slashes of your broth a bit at a time letting it evaporate after each addition.

You’ll know when it’s ready because it will look caramelised and rich colour.

Now you can either boil up some pasta (my aunt would use a flat square shaped pasta or a bow shape pasta) but I use broken up bits of gluten free lasagna, I boil these separately and when they are almost aldente, I drain them and add them to the cabbage. Mix through the cabbage well at this point I like to add a little stinky cheese because I’m all about the more flavour the better (but this is not traditional to this dish and my Aunty would not approve) but I like it and so does Jemima. Just before it goes in the oven I put the remainder of the broth into the dish so that while its crisping the pasta is cooking that little bit of bite out and when its ready the pasta will be perfection.

You know when it’s ready when the top is crunchy and looking like its about to burn.

With the potatoes, some of you will have cooked my

If you have it’s pretty much very similar to this. Slice potatoes thinly and layer with cabbage and a little of your grated smelly cheese (see photo for the one I use) and once you get to the top pour your broth into the ramekin or ramekins and salt and pepper on the top and bake for 30-40mins of 180c

Again wait till it gets crispy on the top.

Always serve with salad

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